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I graduated from university in Brighton in 2009. In 2010, I completed my PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education).

My passion for teaching started as a child, when I used to play ‘teacher’ at home! Becoming a real teacher and working with a wide variety of students has instilled in me a strong belief in the potential of each and every student; seeing students tap into this potential is what makes this job so exciting. My approach is to encourage a playful attitude to learning, seeking out what makes the subject come alive for the individual student, and equipping them with the tools they need to grow in confidence and become independent thinkers.

FAQS about Tutor Jay Jay

I’m Jay. Hello!

I live in Downham Market, Norfolk, England.

My native language is English. I have been learning Russian very slowly for a few years now. I hope to become fluent one day!

My first experience of teaching was in my first year of university, when I was eighteen. We were given the option of going to New York or a Russian language camp in Siberia. I was the only one who chose the latter. The trip lasted for two weeks and I taught English to children aged 6-18 every afternoon. Siberia was going through its coldest winter in over twenty years and temperatures reached -42 Celsius!
I became a qualified teacher in 2010 and have been teaching ever since.

I always enjoyed maths and English at school, but thought I wanted to be an art teacher. During my PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education), I became involved with helping college students who had previously failed their core subjects at school. I really enjoyed helping young adults to rekindle their love for these important subjects. Just a couple of years later, I was the ‘Maths and English GCSE and Functional Skills Champion’ for a large college, acting as the go-to member of staff for other teachers.

Being a full-time private tutor has turned out to be the most wonderful job! I meet students from all over the world and every lesson is different. I can spend a morning teaching English to children in China, followed by an evening of discussing algebra and Shakespeare with local students. The flexibility of the hours also means that I can indulge in drawing, walking, yoga and other hobbies.

Levels Covered

GCSE: I teach GCSE Maths, English Language and English Literature. I worked in an FE college for four years, where I was ‘GCSE and Functional Skills Champion’, teaching vocational students who had previously scored D or below at school. Part of my responsibilities included being the ‘go-to’ member of staff for other teachers who needed support or advice across three sites.

Primary: Since I made private tutoring my full-time job, I have helped many primary aged students with their studies. This includes general help with maths and English, SATs preparation and coaching for entrance exams at numerous private schools. I also teach the English primary curriculum to students in China and the Middle East online.

Adult Learners: I taught English as a foreign language to adults for four years. This included absolute beginner courses, working up to advanced.

QTS Literacy & Numeracy: Over the past year, I have helped three adult students to pass their QTS Literacy and Numeracy exams. All three came to me having failed their first tries, but they have since all passed. Two of these students had face-to-face lessons, one online.

Tutoring Approach

I understand how stressful exams can be for students of any age. I aim to promote healthy practices that will lessen students’ anxiety and improve confidence and creativity. Having had ESOL/EFL teaching experience, I am especially empathetic with the experience of pupils who are undergoing a change of scene, whether it be a new form class, school, curriculum or country.

Can I help you or your child with maths, English or entrance exams? Contact me to learn more.

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